Monday, July 21, 2008

The blockbuster we deserve

Halfway through Dark Knight I actually thought: "I hope the war on terror ends soon, so every time I go to the movie show I don't have to do so much work." And then, right about the time Michelle Obama blew out her brains all over an early conference committee draft of FISA, the movie show reminded me -- for the first time in years -- that it's not going to end. Ever. It was a horrific realization, and I shook.


  1. It never really started, either, though. The so-called war on terrorism has a start date, I guess, but there's no beginning or end to the history of people blowing things up because they're angry.

  2. That's true. But don't you think Batman showed up at some point, to make the Joker possible? Or is hyperpower just an illusion of perspective?



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